About Us

Firefly is a women’s clothing boutique based upon empowering everyday women to illuminate their style. We believe in providing high quality, comfortable practical, trendy and affordable clothing to women of all sizes.

Taylor grew up a tomboy, NEVER wearing a dress, no one would have expected Taylor would grow up having a love for fashion. But that’s exactly what happened. When she went off to school she began to shed her tomboy persona. When we decided to open a boutique in 2016, we didn’t want the typical boutique. We wanted to open a boutique that offers fashion to women all sizes, and ages. We wanted to sell multi-functional, fashionable, fun, and trendy clothing. We offer different styles and tastes and wanted to allow people to express their unique style through our clothing and accessories.

We come from sales, marketing and purchasing background. We believe our backgrounds help us realize that our customers want a friendly helpful place to shop. Our goal is to provide them with the best experience.

Firefly came to us because as children Taylor, Ellen and Steve would catch fireflies in jars during the warm summer nights. We loved how the fireflies illuminated the jar. When choosing a name for the company we remembered this fond memory and chose Firefly.

Our goal is to allow you to “illuminate your style with our fashion, jewelry and accessories”. Our customers always come first to us. We want them to leave our store loving their look! Give them confidence and sass.